church of Christ in Morley, Leeds.
All welcome.

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How to be saved: (Acts 16: 30-33)

1) Receive Jesus, the Christ, 

2) Be baptised, 

3) Hear and do His Word.  


We can facilitate baptism once you  decide to accept God's invitation to salvation through His  Son, Jesus. You don`t have to 'pass' or `know everything` about  baptism to be forgiven of your sins and  to receive  the free gift of salvation. You can receive the free gift of righteousness which is given to you once you decide to believe in the heavenly Father through His Son Jesus. The Holy Spirit will then teach and guide you into all truth. We as a church can support you in your new relationship with the heavenly  Father

Why baptism?
John chapter 3 verses 3-5
Matthew chapter 28 verses 19-20
Romans chapter 3 verses 22-26

You don't need to donate or give anything to us, just give your life to Jesus He will then give you life everlasting. (John 10:10), (1 John 5:11)
(John 10:27-29)